I love words and the humour behind them. That’s why I
AM a night owl – so that I can experience
WHAT becomes of good concepts and creative ideas as they grow and flourish.
I would consider myself happy with my situation and I’m often grateful to the many people who inspire me. I
AM also a merciless perfectionist! But I can still laugh at myself.

Education in business management with a focus on advertising

Klaus Rottenschlager
Managing Director, Creative Director
Email me at: kr@rottenschlager.com


I love writing, that’s why I
AM often happy to be silent, as this allows me to feel
WHAT ideas and words are taking shape.
I love to keep learning and feel exhilarated about life, which is why I
AM exactly in the right place.

Learning by doing

Christine Umlauf
Senior Consultant
Email me at: cu@rottenschlager.com


I see a goal and I want to accomplish it. I
AM cheerful, organised, and strive for insight. I feel
WHAT I imagine a lioness basking in the sun must feel – I simply enjoy life and
I appreciate the wonderful things that people around me are doing. That is why I
AM a down-to-earth adventurer.

Education in business economics, European economics and business management

Julia Zinkl
Executive Assistant, Public Relations SENSAI
Email me at: jz@rottenschlager.com


I love a challenge, so I
AM always aware and open-minded about
WHAT I need to do to make new projects succeed.
I am pleased about my personal progress and I
AM grateful to my mentors for this.

Experience brings expertise

Nadja Mann
Senior Consultant
Email me at: nm@rottenschlager.com


I love literature and the art of bringing stories and emotions to life through words. I
AM just as excited about creative projects as I am about deciding
WHAT to do with detailed strategic concepts.
I get my inspiration from exploring nature and distant countries, and I
AM happy when I can capture impressions in words and share them with others. 

Education in public relations and communication sciences with a focus on PR and law

Julia Menzl
Email me at: jm@rottenschlager.com


I like to consider the bigger picture and enjoy letting my imagination take flight, but I
AM also a realist, and accept
WHAT things are, and try to make the best of them.
I love language, and juggling words and their meanings. I
AM rarely anxious or frantic, but am always mindfully critical.
Even when it comes to myself.

Education in theatre, film and media sciences and German studies

Katharina Florian
Email me at: kf@rottenschlager.com


I talk a lot, but I
AM still a good listener. I’m interested in
WHAT people have to say about their passions.
I think of my own work as a passion too. I
AM always on the lookout for new trends.

Education in communication sciences with a focus on PR and marketing

Maja Kirbis
Email me at: mk@rottenschlager.com


I live for the moment, but I never leave for tomorrow what could be done today. Although I
AM persistent when it comes to challenges, I am very relaxed in other situations. I want to see
WHAT happens when small processes form a larger whole, and how a perfect plan turns into a reality. That’s my priority – when
I start something, I also finish it. In addition to my tenacity, I
AM very open-minded, and learn and grow with every opportunity that comes my way.

Kinga Oravecz
Email me at: ko@rottenschlager.com


I like order and organisation, which is why I
AM always full of energy, and participate in our projects with total commitment. My humour and laughter is
WHAT makes me the person I am, as much as my curiosity and eagerness to learn.
I look forward to meeting interesting challenges every day, and I
AM happy to be part of this amazing team. 

Marina Blazevic, currently on maternity leave
Assistant to Christine Umlauf
Email me at: mb@rottenschlager.com


I love diversity in every aspect. I
AM creative and I´m happy with the little things in life. This is
WHAT inspires me daily and enriches my life! 
I like to laugh and live. For me to be awake, means that I 
AM compassionate and loyal. 

Diana Petrovic
PR Assistant
Email me at: dp@rottenschlager.com


I love aesthetics, the visual harmony of form and colour, and that is why I thrive in what I
AM and what I do. Understanding
WHAT makes clients, their products and the associated target groups tick requires a lot of empathy.
I love sharing ideas with the people I work with. I want to know what they think and feel. And we learn from each other through the process. What could be better than that? I
AM a graphic designer with a passion for what I do.

Erek Engelberger
Art Director
Email me at: ee@rottenschlager.com


I like to have a variety of projects going on at once. Then I
AM in my element. This requires structuring
WHAT needs to be done, being creative on demand yet efficient.
I also enjoy immersing myself fully in a creative process. For that I
AM most happy to be alone – especially in the evening. That’s my time for focusing on inspiration, ideas and imagination, while creating and expressing something new.

Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode (fashion college), Munich
Fashion and communication graphics

Heidi Kroll
Art Director
Email me at: hk@rottenschlager.com


I am interested in a thousand things, that’s why I
AM not just a graphic artist but also an aspiring architect.
WHAT do these two things have to do with each other?
I think that creative processes, developments and thoughts are what unites them. That’s why I
AM always open to new ideas that expand my horizons!

Armin Tahirovic
Email me at: at@rottenschlager.com