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Digital PR + Design.


Fruity covershooting.

Accompanied by the editors and the photographers of the gourmet magazine MaG, we made our way to the South Styrian vineyards to experience the harvest and personally interview the farmer Manfred.


Delivered hot off the press.

Today the G.A.S. report is finding its way onto the desks in our agency. With a winter shooting star on the summer cover, a Carinthian aiming for new ways and a summer discussion full of controversies.  These stories are worth reading even twice. And the next edition is already in the starting blocks.


A Sports Watch Getting a Lifestyle Makeover

It was a concept well known to true sportsmen: the GPS Suunto watch. With a new optical heart rate measurement directly on the wrist and a stylish redesign, we welcomed it at our agency in April 2017. And for us it was instantly clear – we need to present this watch to a wider public. To a group who sees sport as a lifestyle and the sports watch as a fashion accessory. So we launched an extensive blogger info campaign with the aim of reaching the lifestyle audience. The outcome: 50 posts, 230.000 followers and ongoing blogger cooperations in the pipeline.


All About the Apricot!

Beautiful scenery and a lot of interesting new insights – this is what happens when

STAUD'S meets Augarten. We’ve let our guests taste the STAUD'S Classic Marille (apricot jams) blind and got some really exciting results. Based on the final outcome,  maybe there’ll even be a new product soon for you to buy. Who knows ...

The conclusion: Generic product presentations are definitely not our thing.


Our PR Approach to SALOMON Active Lifestyle Campaign

Be active – this was the motto of our promotion activities for the Austrian Trailrunning Workshops from Salomon in the greater Vienna area. An outdoor media campaign was accompanied by promotional runs and a successful lifestyle blogger activation, which resulted in a great social media buzz. 

Salomon Trail RunningSalomon Trail RunningSalomon Trail Running

Our aim was to raise interest for Salomon as a brand and to promote the Trail Running Workshops to a wider audience, which also includes the lifestyle segment. A successful begining for future cooperations.



Staud’s meets chocolate.
Delicious PR breakfast with the fine chocolate creations.

It is probably one of the sweetest STAUD'S temptations ever. The best fruits and aromatic coffee are combined with the fine FELCHLIN's chocolate for the 4 new products, which will be available as 130 Gram jars of jam. At the enjoyable press breakfast at the Julius Meinl am Graben, gourmet journalists and bloggers were able to taste the new jams, which were presented in 2 courses with creative recipes from Josef Haslinger, chief patissier of the house.

Produktpräsentation bei Meinl am Graben

The idea was to present the new products and highlight the creativity of the process and implementation. STAUD’S jams are not just ordinary breakfast must-haves, they could and should be used in every hobby and gourmet kitchen

Katharina Florian

Katharina Florian

The Creative Getaway.
A new brochure for Quellenhof Leutasch.

Incomparable and simply exceptional when it comes to relaxation, food and wellness - the Quellenhof Leutasch stands for the extraordinary. Those qualities are also reflected in the design of the new brochure for the 4 star superior accommodation in Tyrol. All new - a modern square format and elegant embossing invite you to browse, research and read. In addition to the numerous offers, you can also get to know the people who make your experience happen. Vibrant colour images bring to live the love for detail, as well as hotel focal points and capture the enjoyment of living right in the heart of nature. A delight to look at - they will make you crave the real thing.

Our goal was to combine and present the high quality and wide range of services offered by the Quellenhof Leutasch through a modern visual language transformed into a folder that does more than just list information. Guests will no doubt be able to recognize the extraordinary experience at hand with the provided information, images and layout while browsing through the brochure. No questions will remain unanswered. Except for the desire to experience the Quellenhof Leutasch at first hand.

Erek Engelberger


A pleasure for your eyes
Welcome to the new STAUDS.COM!

STAUD'S is a part of Viennese culture. The brand new design of their homepage steps up to this fact and takes you on the journey through the beautiful capital city with its historic squares and landmarks. Always there - the typical STAUD'S jars in octagonal shape with the black lid and the inside that meets the highest quality criteria. Divided into two product groups „Sweet“ and „Sour“, one can easily click through the product variety of the Viennese jams and vegetable products. Get inspired by the recipes! As an addition you can get an insight into the production, learn the company history and check out the lucrative cooperations.


The visual design and the storytelling of the new STAUD’S homepage are based on the purity and quality of the products, which makes the new website so enjoyable. The connection to the Viennese way of living is obvious – STAUD’S VIENNA roots began just here.

Katharina Florian

Katharina Florian

Strategic. Innovative. Realisable. Successful. Verifiable.

Your brand, your product, your company or your story will profit for the long term from our strategy. This works when communication goals, messages and measures are perfectly thought through. And! Creating sustainability in ideal coordination with each other. We are all about the surprising and unusual – but it still has to be realisable. PR is only successful through systematically coordinated communication geared towards the needs of the target group. This means that cause and effect can also be reviewed transparently.


  • CI/CD
  • Logo
  • Brochures
  • POS Material
  • Packaging
  • Campaign Design
  • Web-Design

Public Relations
  • Brand und Product PR
  • Personal PR
  • Corporate Communication
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  • Media Planning


We’re always looking for fresh content and new topics. What’s on next? What are the current trends? You can only be fully alive by constantly renewing yourself. And that’s what we do.

Klaus Rottenschlager

Rational added value.

People are choosing to use media more than ever before. This means that marketing communication has to be more engaging than ever. More emotive, yet still rational. That’s how we win people over.

Staud‘s Wien

PR support 

Full-service consultation

Stauds Wien Staud's Wien




Print campaign, POS materials, PR support

CD: Klaus
AD: Erek
Photography: Rupert

G.A. Services


Our partner agency for direct marketing and print production.

Institut Allergosan

CI and CD design. Packaging design. Print campaign. Web design. PR consultation


Image folder on behalf of G.A.S

CD: Klaus
AD: Erek

RBM Wohnbau Ges.m.b.H.

Wertheimsteinpark residential project. 

CI and CD design. Logo development. Text. Web design and programming. Outdoor advertising. Advertising campaign.

CD: Klaus
AD: Heidi

Marlies Muhr Real Estate

Webdesign und Programmierung. Inseratkampagne. Design. 

CD: Klaus
AD: Erek


Residential project for Gartenpark am kleinen Anninger. Full-service concept. Name. CD and CI concept. Web design and programming. Outdoor advertising. Image brochure. Marketing support. Temporary PR consultation.

CD: Klaus  AD: Heidi

IES Immobilien

Concept, text and design of an investor brochure.

CD: Klaus
AD: Erek

Seeste GmbH

“Wohnprojekt am kleinen Schillerplatz 4” residential project. Full-service concept. Name. CD and CI concept. Web design and programming. Outdoor advertising. Image brochure. Marketing support materials.

CD: Klaus
AD: Erek 


Various print projects. Text. Concept. PR consultation.

Concept and text: Katharina

AD: Heidi


International PR consultation in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands 

Project management: Christine
Assistance: Julia Z., Marina

Coty Prestige Austria

PR consultation for the brands Lancaster, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Jil Sander, Cavalli, MiuMiu, Balenciaga, Davidoff, Adidas, Manhattan, Sally Hansen, Astor, and more.

Project supervisor: Nadja
Consultants: Angela and Maja

Best of Logo-Design
Best of Web-Design


I love words and the humour behind them. That’s why I
AM a night owl – so that I can experience
WHAT becomes of good concepts and creative ideas as they grow and flourish.
I would consider myself happy with my situation and I’m often grateful to the many people who inspire me. I
AM also a merciless perfectionist! But I can still laugh at myself.

Education in business management with a focus on advertising

Klaus Rottenschlager
Managing Director, Creative Director
Email me at:


I love writing, that’s why I
AM often happy to be silent, as this allows me to feel
WHAT ideas and words are taking shape.
I love to keep learning and feel exhilarated about life, which is why I
AM exactly in the right place.

Learning by doing

Christine Umlauf
Senior Consultant
Email me at:


I see a goal and I want to accomplish it. I
AM cheerful, organised, and strive for insight. I feel
WHAT I imagine a lioness basking in the sun must feel – I simply enjoy life and
I appreciate the wonderful things that people around me are doing. That is why I
AM a down-to-earth adventurer.

Education in business economics, European economics and business management

Julia Zinkl
Executive Assistant, Public Relations SENSAI
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I love a challenge, so I
AM always aware and open-minded about
WHAT I need to do to make new projects succeed.
I am pleased about my personal progress and I
AM grateful to my mentors for this.

Experience brings expertise

Nadja Mann
Senior Consultant
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I love literature and the art of bringing stories and emotions to life through words. I
AM just as excited about creative projects as I am about deciding
WHAT to do with detailed strategic concepts.
I get my inspiration from exploring nature and distant countries, and I
AM happy when I can capture impressions in words and share them with others. 

Education in public relations and communication sciences with a focus on PR and law

Julia Menzl
Email me at:


I like to consider the bigger picture and enjoy letting my imagination take flight, but I
AM also a realist, and accept
WHAT things are, and try to make the best of them.
I love language, and juggling words and their meanings. I
AM rarely anxious or frantic, but am always mindfully critical.
Even when it comes to myself.

Education in theatre, film and media sciences and German studies

Katharina Florian
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I talk a lot, but I
AM still a good listener. I’m interested in
WHAT people have to say about their passions.
I think of my own work as a passion too. I
AM always on the lookout for new trends.

Education in communication sciences with a focus on PR and marketing

Maja Kirbis
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I live for the moment, but I never leave for tomorrow what could be done today. Although I
AM persistent when it comes to challenges, I am very relaxed in other situations. I want to see
WHAT happens when small processes form a larger whole, and how a perfect plan turns into a reality. That’s my priority – when
I start something, I also finish it. In addition to my tenacity, I
AM very open-minded, and learn and grow with every opportunity that comes my way.

Kinga Oravecz
Email me at:


I like order and organisation, which is why I
AM always full of energy, and participate in our projects with total commitment. My humour and laughter is
WHAT makes me the person I am, as much as my curiosity and eagerness to learn.
I look forward to meeting interesting challenges every day, and I
AM happy to be part of this amazing team. 

Marina Blazevic, currently on maternity leave
Assistant to Christine Umlauf
Email me at:


I love diversity in every aspect. I
AM creative and I´m happy with the little things in life. This is
WHAT inspires me daily and enriches my life! 
I like to laugh and live. For me to be awake, means that I 
AM compassionate and loyal. 

Diana Petrovic
PR Assistant
Email me at:


I love aesthetics, the visual harmony of form and colour, and that is why I thrive in what I
AM and what I do. Understanding
WHAT makes clients, their products and the associated target groups tick requires a lot of empathy.
I love sharing ideas with the people I work with. I want to know what they think and feel. And we learn from each other through the process. What could be better than that? I
AM a graphic designer with a passion for what I do.

Erek Engelberger
Art Director
Email me at:


I like to have a variety of projects going on at once. Then I
AM in my element. This requires structuring
WHAT needs to be done, being creative on demand yet efficient.
I also enjoy immersing myself fully in a creative process. For that I
AM most happy to be alone – especially in the evening. That’s my time for focusing on inspiration, ideas and imagination, while creating and expressing something new.

Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode (fashion college), Munich
Fashion and communication graphics

Heidi Kroll
Art Director
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I am interested in a thousand things, that’s why I
AM not just a graphic artist but also an aspiring architect.
WHAT do these two things have to do with each other?
I think that creative processes, developments and thoughts are what unites them. That’s why I
AM always open to new ideas that expand my horizons!

Armin Tahirovic
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